The same video in best quality in rapid share:http://rapidshare.de/files/35362975/Sam_Help_us.mpg.html


Dear Sam Lo:

I write you very worried dear teacher, hoping that you can understand please our delicate position.

I know Claudio Pastorino did some questions at respect to you, but maybe you didn´t give him a positive comment about the subject I know why and I understand it or maybe for ignorance of the details of the job. Dear Sam, technically We arrive at the point which we can`t do more because of the lack of knowledge in this subject which is happening:

Like you can see on the video, I did a good job, like you taught us with the three softwares, after I printed it in the Injekt Printer Epson 4800, it has 1440 dpi, and you can see that the image effect looks very well. It has 153 mm diameter, it has only 3 layers: the background, the rim, and the logo center, I used 9 frames in after effects, and the pitch for the printer is 0.33600 in this case I am working with 75 LPI. The effect which I used in this image is rotate. Beginning from 0 sec. The logo in the center has 20 degrees and the rim has 26 degrees until the 8sec.

And the same is for this file to the offset machine, the unique difference is the pitch which is: 0.33634, and 3 weeks ago after several attempts the result is like you can see on the video. So I uploaded in rapidshare.com and attached the video in my youtube profile, in order you can watch the good job in injekt printer but a bad result in offset print on the video, dear Sam, apparently there is a subject of Banding which is harming this sample in offset, we are not obtaining the results what we were waiting for and I hope that you could help us, I ask to your KAMI talks to your heart and help us, because We are very worried with the results and the time is passing and we don´t have any solution yet, for me, Julio and Marcos you are the unique person who can help us, because of this first work depends our future on the lenticular business which we are beginning in Lima, we know that if we gave this work successfully we will be able to generate some demand by our works and therefore we must to require of you like a supplier and your services too, more times, better for us if we can come again like our teacher. But for this moment, we were waiting for a first job, “my bosses invested in your training and, in the past July 2005, in the raw material too of 75lpi, (which we are going to use for this job), 50lpi and 20 lpi, adhesive tape, and they need to recover the money with this important job and another ones”, after that, happily they can contract your services, and continue always with you, like they want. But please only for this time, Help Us.

Sincerely I hope that you understand our position and don´t deny your support to us like teacher, more than like industrialist or bussines man. I know if we give a solution online this problem in the future everybody going to win with this bussines and nobody can deny that your trainings are the best in comparison with the another ones in the market.

Please be patient and be in our position.

My GOD bless to you, regards from Lima - Perú.


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